The two classic Dolemite films, re-mastered in HD from original 35mm film elements. 

Combo-packs feature BluRay, DVD and a code for a digital-download. Loaded with special features… 

…and now…official, well-made, T-SHIRTs

All sizes, many color variations, and new designs being added all the time 

After years of bootlegs, bad designs, and even worse manufactured cheap garbage, Xenon Pictures has partnered with Atom Age Industries to release a line of properly made, official Dolemite products! And they’re less expensive than the pirated stuff!
Eddie Murphy stars as Rudy Ray Moore in “Dolemite is My Name” Now on Netflix!   See this incredible tribute to Rudy. Xenon Pictures is not affiliated with Netflix.  We simply own the rights to the classic Dolemite films and all associated IP.

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