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Xenon Pictures
Fiercely independent
Coming soon: Slippin’: 10 Years with The Bloods
$200,425,182 GROSS! Directed by F. Gary Gray and produced by Legendary Pictures, the film was developed here at Xenon Pictures as a follow up to Welcome to Death Row
The book version of Welcome to Death Row is AVAILABLE NOW
CATALOG is being worked on today, Feb 9. Functionality will be intermittent.

Master P interviewed by Leigh Savidge!   Click to listen

‘‚ÄúStraight Outta Compton” has unexpectedly moved ahead of ‚ÄúSteve Jobs‚ÄĚ as the great awards hope”‘ The New York Times
Xenon-developed project continues to prove its strength! ‚ÄėStraight Outta Compton‚Äô Named Top Film by African-American Film Critics¬†– Variety
For your Oscar consideration: “Straight Outta Compton”, developed at Xenon Pictures! -Universal Pictures
“(Welcome to Death Row is) equal parts moving, disturbing and illuminating” -Hollywood Times
Billboard has confirmed what we already knew; the origins of the “Deez Nuts” political prank.¬† It originated with Dolemite, and was spread through “The Chronic”. Deez Nuts: Here’s How a Teen Presidential Candidate Traces Back to Dr. Dre & Dolemite¬†– Billboard

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