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“No preaching or moralizing…JUST STRAIGHT FORWARD TRUTH.”

“You may think you’ve seen this before, but you haven’t.
Not like this.”

-Cannes / MIDEM

From 1993 to 2003 directors Joachim Schroeder and Tommy Sowards hit the streets and followed a group of teenagers from the notorious South Central L.A. gang, the Rollin’ 20s Bloods. Documenting the anger, frustration, aggression, loss and inevitabilities of life in some of the roughest neighborhoods in L.A., the film centers primarily around a handful of the gang members, Low Down, Dig Dug, Jumbo, C.K. (Crip Killa) and K.K. (Krazy Killa) who over time allowed the filmmakers unprecedented access into the inner sanctum of their violent and troubled lives.

The result is a truly astounding film which has been acclaimed by critics, praised at film festivals, and has struck a strong chord with young audiences who embrace (or are fascinated with) the lifestyle it chronicles. Originally airing on Showtime, this new DVD contains a digital copy of the original Directors’ Cut featuring startling-never-before seen footage not included in the original release.

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