“A rare doc that opposes the media’s current trend of fabricating race and ‘justice’.”


“Steele does a great job of recounting the events from an objective eye, and whether you agree with him or not, it’s hard to argue with a lot of the facts he presented. “


It was one of the most talked about events involving a white policeman and a black youth in recent history. Amid a torrent of media reports from CNN and other left-leaning outlets, the name Ferguson came to represent a defining story of an “unrestrained and overzealous” white cop “targeting and killing” a “defenseless and innocent” black youth.

But like most stories that get presented through the lens of racial bias, the story of what happened to Michael Brown is much more nuanced and layered than has ever been presented to the American public.

Until now.

In assembling the narrative for What Killed Michael Brown?, renowned black intellectual and former civil rights leader Shelby Steele and his filmmaker son Eli spent two years in Ferguson tracing minute by minute the actions of the cop in question, Darren Wilson and the victim, Michael Brown.

What they discover reveals a story that got twisted to suit a political and financial end rather than one where the media messengers were interested in the truth and nothing but the truth.

This eye-opening documentary that examines the facts that the news media missed in the infamous police incident in Ferguson, Missouri, including the long standing societal and governmental causes,  too many of which are absent from mainstream discourse.

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